Building your own solution



What we propose here is influenced by the current state of technology and the ability to view more insights into user behavior than ever before. No matter the sophistication of your analytics tools, it is imperative that the patient voice, experience, and outcomes remain at the center of any trial: from start to finish.

Understandably, there is so much to consider when launching a study. From trial design, to IRB approval, to treating patients; making any changes to the protocol can be cumbersome.

It may seem like these steps require a lot of effort, but the gains in productivity, funnel conversion, and patient satisfaction justify the endeavor. Implementing improvements to the patient experience creates the opportunity to directly reduce trial operating expenses throughout the entire enrollment funnel, producing a clear return on invested resources. Not only will you will bring in more qualified patients faster and cheaper than by using traditional methods, but best of all: you can help more patients gain access to potentially life improving or life saving treatments in record time.
Our team at Clara wants to make trial protocol, recruitment, and retention processes that fit seamlessly into patient lives the baseline for any type of clinical trial.

Because not every sponsor or site has the time or resources to achieve this on their own, we’ve collaborated with patient advocacy groups, KOLs, and sponsors to create a turnkey solution for researchers that provides instant access to:
• Patient advocacy group partnerships

• Engaging, proprietary outreach materials
distributed to a comprehensive network of
recruitment channels

• Clear, personalized trial websites with
embedded HIPAA-compliant screening
surveys and secure live support

• Automated scheduling and calendar invites

• Patient pipeline management, including
medical record transfer, e-consent,
travel coordination, payments,
reimbursements, and more

• Consults from our expert group of patients
and caregivers from the Breakthrough Crew

• 24/7 ClaraCare: white-glove support for
every patient through every step of the way

Clara Health is the end product of thousands of experiences of patients, caregivers, clinicians, sponsors, study coordinators, and researchers. We built this solution to create a funnel that prevents leaks before they happen, helping transform clinical trials into truly patient-centric experiences. We look forward to continuing to work hand-in-hand with our superb patient community to deliver a truly unparalleled experience; and change the future of clinical trials one study at a time.